The Psychiatric Technology program is a four-semester and single summer session program offered at the Marysville Campus which includes both theoretical knowledge obtained through lecture and clinical experiences.  Clinical agencies provide services to developmentally, mentally, and physically disabled while under direct supervision of a clinical instructor. The curriculum will be updated periodically to insure compliance with California State BVNPT regulations.


  1. High school graduation or GED.
  2. Age of 18 years by the date of license application.
  3. Have satisfactory placement scores in English and Math from the college testing center.
First Semester (Fall) Units
PSYCT 50 Anatomy/Physiology 3
PSYCT 51 Life Cycle Growth/Development 3
PSYCT 52 Nursing Science I 2
PSYCT 55 Pharmacology I 2


Second Semester (Spring) Units
PSYCT 53 Developmental Disabilities A with lab 5
PSYCT 54 Nursing Science B with lab 5
HLTH 10 Nutrition 3


Summer Units
PSYCT 56 Nursing Science C with lab 6


Third Semester (Fall) Units
PSYCT 57 Psychiatric Disorders A with lab 7
PSYCT 58 Group Process
PSYCT 59 Crisis Management
PSYCT 60 Pharmacology B


Fourth Semester (Spring) Units
PSYCT 61 Substance Abuse 2
PSYCT 62 Psychiatric Disorders B 4
PSYCT 75 Developmental Disabilities B with lab 6


Minimum units to total…54 units. Completion/challenge/credit for the previously outlined courses will make the student eligible for licensure examination by the Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians (BVNPT).

Licensure Pass Rates