EDUC 1—Introduction to Teaching with Field Experience  (3 units)            CSU/UC
Prospective teachers are placed in selected K-12 schools that have been recognized for exemplary practices and whose student populations represents California’s diversity.  Course content includes a review of California Standards for the Teaching Profession, review of cognitive and learning studies, current issues in K-12 education, characteristics of successful teachers, and effective communication skills for the teaching profession. (L)

EDUC 20—Tutoring Seminar  (1 unit)                            CSU
Tutor training involving the role and function of tutoring, the phases through which each tutoring session should progress, the behaviors of tutors and tutees during tutoring activities, and the principal strategies by which the business of teaching and learning is handled in tutorials. Not open for credit to student with credit in EDUC 21. (L)

EDUC 21—Advanced Tutoring Seminar  (1 unit)         CSU
Builds on skills acquired in EDUC 20. Application and analysis of techniques that enable tutors to communicate underlying thought processes of a task and to allow their tutees time to demonstrate their understanding of course materials. Tutors will monitor the success rates of their tutees and compare those rates with actual class averages of the corresponding target course.  Prerequisite: EDUC 20 with a minimum grade of ‘B’. (L)

EDUC 40—Introduction to Online Learning  (1 unit)   CSU
This course will prepare you to successfully complete an online course through introduction to the technology and the online environment; how to use the software tools that manage an online course; and how to problem-solve online issues.  Not open for credit to student with credit in MCOMM 40.  Grades are P/NP.

EDUC 52—Teacher Aide in the School System
                (3 units)
Study of personal qualifications of the teacher aide; child behavior and discipline; proficiency examination standards for vocational preparation of aide in the classroom. (L)