Sign Language

SIGN 1—Sign Language Studies 1  (4 units)                       
                                                             CSU/UC UC-Unit Limit
Introduction to the visual-gestural process of sign language; provides instructional activities for people who wish to become competent in communicating with deaf people; emphasis on nonverbal communication. (L)

SIGN 2—Sign Language Studies 2  (4 units)          CSU/UC
Non-verbal communication skills using syntactical and finger spelling of multi-syllable words. Prerequisite: SIGN 1.  (L)

SIGN 3—Sign Language Studies 3  (4 units)          CSU/UC
Continuation of ASL verbal comprehension skills; study of advanced grammatical structures; emphasis on expressive skills of deaf culture. Prerequisite: SIGN 2.  (L)

SIGN 61R—Basic Vocabulary and Finger Spelling
                (2 units)
The art of communicating with persons who are deaf by means of finger spelling and basic signing. (Repeatable: May be taken three times only.)  May be taken concurrently with SIGN 1 or as an introductory course to American Sign Language.  (L)