For Employers

What is CalWORKs?
CalWORKs stands for California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs).
This program is part of California’s plan to implement the Federal TANF program that focuses
on fostering economic self-sufficiency and a “work-first” philosophy.

About CalWORKs Students:
CalWORKs students are ambitious. Like most adults, CalWORKs students recognize the
need to gain experience and education to care for their families. Consequently, CalWORKs
students are all enrolled in a course of study at Yuba College. They are also aware they need
hands-on experience to augment their education and are anxious to begin working. For
CalWORKs students, the chance to combine paid work experience with their learning
experience is an invaluable opportunity. It’s a chance to realize long-term career goals.

What can the CalWORKs program do for Employers?
The Yuba College CalWORKs program is designed to give employers an opportunity to
expand services without excessive capital outlay. The Yuba College CalWORKs program can
help your business find quality employees– employees who are committed to enhancing their
skills through both hands on experience and through education. Yuba CalWORKs also offers
employers a full array of job placement services such as job posting, up-to-date information
about the labor market and emerging occupations, and tax or hiring incentives, all AT NO
CHARGE to your company!

About Training Incentives:
This program will provide a reimbursement of up to 75% of the wages paid over a set training
period, for a set number of hours, for all eligible new hires. Once the employer has
determined the company’s part-time employment need, Yuba College CalWORKs will send
students for interviews. These students are selected based upon a match between the job
description and the students’ education plan and employment goals. After the employer has
chosen the best applicant for the job and notifies Yuba College CalWORKs, an agreement will
be signed between the college and business. From there, the student can begin work.
Reimbursement can be weekly, bimonthly, or monthly and depends on the employer’s

About Tax Incentives:
In addition to reimbursement of wages, a business that hires CalWORKs program participants
may be eligible for tax incentives. Yuba CalWORKs can provide your business with more
information on eligibility.