The WLDC has gone online..JOIN US here

The Mission of the WLDC

The goal of the Writing & Language Development Center, or WLDC, is to support Yuba College students in all aspects of language development, helping them become engaged readers and writers; strategic in monitoring their own comprehension of texts; deliberate in selecting rhetorical tools suited to their purpose; independent, lifelong learners empowered by mastery of language to participate in their communities and achieve their educational and life goals.

The WLDC embraces a particular mission toward our many English-language learners at Yuba College. We enjoy the richness that cultural diversity brings to our job!

How to Join Online Tutoring

Yuba College students can enroll in the WLDC Canvas site by using this link:

Once inside the Canvas site, you will be asked to fill out this request for services form:

To join us live, enter the WLDC Canvas site (link above) and then  click on “ConferZoom” on the left navigation menu.

Drop-in WLDC Online hours: M-TH 9am-7pm & F 9am-5pm

Here is a video describing how to use online tutoring: How to Video

Where to find the WLDC

We are inside the library (Learning Resource Center, building 1100), near the front lobby, to the right. You can find the library in the center of the campus, behind the theater and the walk-through sculpture garden. While social distancing directives are active, find us online. Click WLDC Online Tutoring, left, for details.

Days and times the WLDC is open

The WLDC is open on days classes are in session. During weekends and holidays when the campus is closed, the WLDC is also closed. 

How do I sign up?

You need to sign up only once each semester. Register online by filling out this Request for Academic Support.

How to contact the WLDC

Please send an email to our Instructional Associate: Kelly Cunningham:

You can call or text our new phone #(530) 387-0793. You can leave a voicemail at 530.740.1709, but we are working remotely during the Covid 19 pandemic, so calling/texting our new number or email is the fastest way to contact us.

If you are calling or emailing to ask about your appointment, try checking your campus email for appointment notifications from TutorTrac. You can also log in to to see upcoming appointments.

What we do

We are open to currently enrolled YCCD students for a variety of writing-related things:

  • Assistance for any writing assignment
  • One-time appointments (log in to
  • Weekly, recurring appointments
  • MLA, APA, and Chicago style formatting  help
  • Informal study space
  • Technology assistance
  • Proofreading tips
  • ESL reading, writing, and conversation support
  • Kurzweil 3000 software for assisted reading & writing
  • Jaws screen reader software
  • Designated private accessible workstation including Kurzweil, Jaws, Dragon, and dedicated scanner
  • Online tutoring for Distance Education English classes and for all tutoring during shelter-in-place directives.