Recipients under Post-9/11 – Chapter 33, Transfer of Entitlement Program, Fry Scholarship or Vocational Rehabilitation – Chapter 31 – You must notify the  Veterans Resource Center immediately after enrollment every semester to avoid being dropped for non-payment.

Chapters 30 & 1606 – You must verify your attendance to the Department of Veterans Affairs (the last day of every month) in order to receive payments. You can do this using the Web Automated Verification Enrollment (WAVE) or call 1-877-823-2378.

You MAY be eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation.  Apply today:

Every semester you must make a VA certification appointment with the Yuba College Veterans Resource Center to submit your schedule and activate your VA education benefits.

•In order to avoid possible under or overpayments by the Department of Veterans Affairs, please notify the Veterans Resource Center immediately if there are any changes to your schedule.

SUMMER and FALL semesters have the same registration dates.

•You are encouraged to apply for the California Promise Grant every school year. You may qualify for additional financial aid assistance while using your VA educational benefits.

•Recipients of VA educational benefits must maintain good academic progress.  Unsatisfactory progress must be reported to the Department of Veterans Affairs as a termination of benefits.

Activate your Yuba College Student Email & Yuba College App to receive important updates sent from the Veterans Resource Center.

Downlaod campus App on your phoneYuba College App

•You must follow your VA educational plan in order to continue receiving your benefits.


Things To Know

Academic Progress
If your GPA falls below 2.0 and you do not progress academically for two consecutive
semesters your benefits will be terminated by the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)

Final Semester/Round Up
Providing you have one class left on your education plan for your last semester you may take
any class to make it up to full time enrollment. Therefore, full time pay. You can only do this
for once at Yuba College.

Advance Pay
If you are a new student or did not attend the previous semester you may request Advance
Pay. This must be done 35 or more days prior to the beginning of the semester. The VA will
advance you two months of benefits. Contact the VAO for more information.

Dropping Classes
You are required to notify the VAO when you drop (or add) a class. You may be required to
pay back any benefits received for the dropped class. You may request Mitigating
Circumstances up to six units. The VAO has the required forms.

Mitigating Circumstances
If the circumstances were beyond your control and you drop your class the VA may not
require you to reimburse those benefits received for this class. Some Mitigating
Circumstances may be: student has serious illness, family member ill or death, child care
problems, work shift change or obligations, financial obligations. The DVA makes this
determination not the VAO.

California Dependents of Veterans College Fee Waiver Program
Students who are a dependent of a veteran who died of service-connected causes or has a
service-connected disability may be eligible for a waiver of college tuition and fees.
For more information contact your local Veteran Service Officer listed in the phone book
under “County Government.” Once you have received your letter of eligibility you are required
to bring it to the VAO and a copy to the Financial Aid office.

For all other requirements, rules and regulations contact the VAO or DVA.