Words reading Promise to Pathways

Yuba College endeavors to assist all students in reaching their goals, and Promise to Pathways is one pathway available to first time students. There are many certificate programs available in the Career and Transition Education program, some of which are possible to earn within one year. With Promise to Pathways, you can complete a CTE certificate program in two semesters without paying for any tuition for those who qualify!

Each of the programs listed below are designed with your career in mind. The goal: to get you, the student, in and out of school in two semesters or less and with no out of pocket costs for tuition. This will enhance your resume, enable you to build skills necessary to enter the job market immediately in one of the listed industries, and provide tools that will be useful in any employment you may pursue.

ProgramCertificate of Achievement or Certificate of TrainingUnits Required
Agricultural BusinessAchievement18
Auto Body RepairAchievement18
Automotive Drive TrainsAchievement18
Business Computer ApplicationsAchievement28.5
Business Computer ApplicationsTraining16
Small Business ManagementAchievement27
Small Business ManagementAchievement15
Administrative AssistantAchievement25.5
Child Development TeacherAchievement30
Child Development Associate TeacherTraining12
Arts SpecializationAchievement30
Children with Special Needs SpecializationAchievement30
Diversity in ECEAchievement30
Infant and ToddlerAchievement30
School Age SpecializationAchievement30
Transitional Kindergarten and Early EducaitonAchievement24
Manufacturing Technology/MahciningAchievement24
Veterinary Assistant/ReceptionistAchievement17
Welding TechnologiesAchievement25

The Promise requires you to be a first-time, full-time student and funding currently expires after the first year of attending college classes. To help you determine programs that you could attend full-time in the first year of college, we have provided the above list with links for more information; however, we cannot guarantee eligibility. For programs that have less than 12 units offered in a semester, you may want to take additional courses toward a degree or another certificate to be eligible. To verify your eligibility and the eligibility of the program you elect to pursue, please see the financial aid office.