Computer Access

The CSC maintains a large bank of computers in the main tutoring area.


All computers are loaded with Microsoft Office 2007, internet access, MyMathLab and Hawkes Learning software programs. The lab rules are consistent with other labs on campus and enforced to ensure a safe educational setting.

Assistive Computer Technology

Two computers located in the “mini” classroom in the CSC are fully accessible. Training is provided through Disabled Students Program and Services located in the 1800 Building. The following hardware and software programs are currently available:

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking: A speech-to-text program that converts the spoken word into electronic text. This program types as you speak with amazingly high accuracy. Training is a must!
  • ZoomText: Enlarges computer screen, works with most programs including Microsoft Word, MyMathLab, internet. Very user friendly program, has text-to-speech capability. Minimal training necessary.
  • Kurzweil 3000: A text-to-speech program that reads what is on the screen. Works with many software applications such as Microsoft Office and on the internet. The basics are easy to master but additional training is recommended for the advanced features. Very user friendly.
  • JAWS: An acronym for Job Access With Speech, JAWS is a screen reader that makes personal computers accessible to users who are blind or visually impaired. It provides the user with access to information displayed on the screen via text-to-speech and allows for comprehensive navigation and interaction with the computer.
  • Inspiration: This is a user friendly program that facilitates visual mapping, outlining, writing, and making presentations. It takes users through the steps of writing including brainstorming ideas, structuring thoughts, organizing information, and creating a written draft.
  • CCTV: An acronym for Closed Captioned TeleVision, a CCTV is a stand-alone unit that increases access to written materials for those with visual impairments. Very easy to use with many adjustments (size, contrast, color, orientation) available for individualized access. Consists of a monitor and flat platform on which the material to be viewed is placed.
  • Flatbed Scanner for use with the Kurzweil 3000 program.
  • Large Key/high contrast Keyboard (available if needed)
  • Trackball (available if needed)

Math Resources

Math 52, 50 and 111 Final Exam Practice Exams (Spring 2013)
Resource Sheets