Students can obtain their grades through Self-Service.  The Yuba Community College District no longer sends grade reports through the postal service.

District Grading Policy
The awarding of grades is the responsibility of the course instructor. Grades and grade points are

Grade Grade Points Definition
A 4 Excellent
B 3 Good
C 2 Satisfactory
D 1 Passing (less than satisfactory)
F 0 Failing
The following grades are not used in computing grade point averages. The W, I and NP are used for progress probation purposes.
P Pass (“C” or better)
NP No Pass (“D” or “F”)
W Withdrawal
I Incomplete
IP In Progress
In Progress Report Delayed

As of Fall 2009, CR/NC will not be used. It has been replaced by P (Pass)/NP (No Pass) per Title V Education Code. All CR/NC grades received prior will still be reflected on transcripts as earned prior to Fall 2009.