Frequently Asked Questions About Waitlisting

What is a waitlist?
A waitlist is a list that keeps track of students who are waiting for an available seat to open up in a class that is full.

How Does Waitlisting Work?
When you register for a class and all the seats are filled, the Self-Service system will place you on the waitlist, or if you register in person you will be asked if you want to be placed on a waitlist. This means that all seats in the class are taken, and you will be waiting for a seat to open up. If you answer yes, you will be added to the waitlist. Then as students drop themselves out of the class, or are dropped for non-payment, seats will become available up until the Thursday before classes begin for the term. The college will enroll students from the waitlist into the class automatically. As students are enrolled, students remaining on the waitlist will move up closer to the top of the list.

What Happens if I am Moved from the Waitlist into the Class?
Once you are moved into the class from the waitlist, you will be notified that you are enrolled and have 10 calendar days to pay your fees. You should pay your fees right away. If you do not pay within 10 calendar days, you will be dropped from the class and also lose your place on the waitlist. If you do not want the class, you can go to Self-Service and drop it from your schedule; however, please keep in mind that you cannot be placed back in your previous position on the waitlist.

What Should I do to Prepare for Automatically Being Moved from the Waitlist to the Class? BE SURE:

  • You have already logged into your Student E-mail account.
    We will contact you through the student e-mail.
  • You do not have any holds from a previous term.
  • The class is not one you have taken previously.
  • You have met all course prerequisites by submitting transcripts/requisite equivalency
    prior to the start of the registration period.
  • The class does not conflict with other classes on your schedule.
  • You will not be enrolled in more than 18 units if you are moved into the class.

Can I be Placed Back on the Waitlist in the Same Position if I Don’t Pay My Fees?
No. You can attempt to place yourself back on the waitlist, if there is room, but there is no guarantee you will be able to get on the waitlist again.

When are waitlists no longer used?
Once classes begin, you can no longer put yourself on the waitlist you must go to the first day of classes and obtain permission from the instructor to add the class.

On the first day of class. What do I need to do?”
If you are still on the waitlist on the first day of class, attend the first day of class and ask if the instructor is allowing additional students to add the class. Email the instructor if the course is an online course. Instructors will add students based on the waitlist position if seats are available.

If you have further questions, please contact the Admissions & Records Office