California Residency

The following information is provided for those who have been classified as non-residents of the State of California based upon a submitted application for admission.

This information is provided to inform and educate you about the determining California laws, rules and regulations involved in establishing California residency.

Below are terms used in the process of residency and are referenced in Title 5 and the California Education Code.

Burden of Proof (Title 5, 54026)
The burden of proof is on the student to demonstrate clearly both physical presence in California and intent to establish California residence without conflicting information. Students are also advised that the burden of proof of residency lies with the individual.

Physical Presence: (Title 5, 54022)
You must have been physically present in California for one year and one day prior to the first day of semester/term you wish to be declared a resident for tuition purposes. You must have been physically present in the State of California for one year as of the residency determination date, before the semester begins. You will be required to prove physical presence.

Intent to remain in California: (Title 5, 54024)
Intent to make California your home for other than a temporary purpose may be demonstrated in many ways. No one factor is controlling. You must manifest intent to become a California resident. The items of intent must be at least one (1) year old as of the residency determination date.

Financial Independence: (The California Education Code Section 68044)
The California Education Code requires that the financial independence of a nonresident student seeking reclassification as a resident be included in the factors to be considered in the determination of residence. You must not have received any form of financial support from a parent residing outside of California for the year prior to your claim of resident status. Your parents may be required to sign and have notarized an affidavit and submit appropriate tax forms to verify.