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Research and Reports

The Division of Student Success and Institutional Effectiveness collects, analyzes, and distributes data to the campus community and is used as a repository for college reports from the state and other college offices.

Internal Surveys

The Graduation Survey Reports summarize the results from the Graduation Survey, which is conducted every Spring. The summaries include methodology, key findings, the survey instrument, and results.

2017 Spring Graduation Survey Report
2016 Spring Graduation Survey Report

External Surveys

The Annual High School Report is a product of the Testing and Assessment Office and summarizes demographics information for high schools within the Yuba Community College District service area, transfer rates, and the placement information for those students.

2014-15 Annual High School Report
2010-11 Annual High School Report

The College Employee Satisfaction Survey (CESS) is conducted ever other year for the District, Yuba College and Woodland Community College. The first survey administration was completed in 2015.

2015 District Services CESS Summary Report
2015 Yuba CESS Summary Report

An annual publication of the demographics, enrollment, awards and population trends for Yuba College and its service area.

2016 Yuba College Fact Book
2010 Yuba College Fact Book
A summary of the demographics, student load, financial aid, and degrees awarded for Yuba College.
2011 Yuba College Quick Facts

In the Fall of 2010, the Yuba College Division of Student Success and Institutional Effectiveness conducted a survey of students, faculty, and community members to determine what academic programs Yuba College could consider expanding or adding in the future. The results of this survey were integrated with transfer graduation report from the CSU and UC systems to produce the following report.

2011 Program Growth and Development Report